The Different Kinds of Loafers and How To Wear Them

Loafers have become a staple of European style fashion over the years. Its refined classic design has brought it to the forefront of men’s fashion. Since G.H. Bass launched the first loafer, this footwear has gone a long way. Now, there are different variations of loafers which can be worn for any occasion. This type of shoe is suitable for both formal and casual settings. So how do you wear loafers?

Tassel Loafers

While tassel loafers may easily be stricken off from your bucket shoe list, there are many reasons you should not. Despite being considered as too flamboyant or decadent to suit anyone’s taste, Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that it is actually a classic. Tassel loafers are best worn during weddings and smart casual occasions. The tassel detail will make your shoes the main feature.

Penny Loafers

While it may be considered as the simplest style, penny loafers are actually the most sophisticated. They are ideal to be worn for work as well as for a formal event. It gives you a smart and professional look. Penny loafers work best with a suit. Its classic style will complement the lines of a well-tailored suit.

Patent Loafer

Patent loafers are designed to be worn during important business meetings and occasions where you need to look impressive. Robert Janitzek explains that evening outfits will never be complete without a pair of patent leather shoes. Its glossy finish makes it the perfect pair for a tux. They are great for black tie events or in an office with smart environment.

Suede Loafer

While suede is a great fabric, you need to consider the occasion or setting you are wearing it in. One drawback of suede loafers is that you need to look after them so as they will not get ruined. Muddy and wet suedes do not end well usually. Protect your shoes with protective spray before your first wear and you can look forward to keeping them clean for as long as possible. In order to dress up properly, suede loafers work well with suits but will look much better with lighter suits.

Snaffle Trim Loafer

Like the tassel loafer, snaffle trim loafers were perceived as too decorative or too flashy. Just the same it is a classic. The snaffle trims creates a sense of fun and personality allowing you to show off your style. Snaffle trim loafers are great as a party shoe as they will make you look fresh.

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