The Do’s And Don’ts of Wearing Men’s Swimwear

Summer is here. It’s time to head to the beach. This is the season when men flaunt their sexy body and make heads turn. However, your dream of showing off your beach body will fail if you do not wear the proper swimwear. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a short guide on what and what not to wear on the beach.

Go For Something Shorter

Wearing board shorts should be avoided. Unless you are a surfer or trying to avoid being romantically linked to a potential partner, avoid wearing these ¾ lengths baggy shorts. Try something shorter instead. The rule of thumb is that the hem of your swimwear should fall a few inches above the knee. If you are confident enough and feeling brave, you can get for something shorter than that as well.

Try Pastel Colors

Gone are the days when wearing Speedos make you sexy. Unless it is mandatory in the country you are going, avoid wearing them. If you want to try European style fashion, try a short with pastel color. Earth colored shorts are best reserved for the colder weather.

Wear Shorts With Subtle Patterns

Some people like wearing shades when they are in the beach so wearing shorts with brightly colored patterns should be avoided unless you would like to blind them. But you might want to ditch the fluorescent pink polka dots and opt for some dark florals which is the current trend at the moment.

Buy at least two different styles of shorts

If you are spending a day at the beach you would probably carry some cash and your phone. Robert Janitzek recommends buying two styles of shorts—one with pockets for your cash and phone and one with a sleeker design if you are just planning to hang around in the pool.

A mortal sin when buying swimwear is to buy one that does not suit your shape. If you are skinny, avoid those baggy shorts and opt for slim-fitted style. On the other hand, if you’re shorts reaches up to your thighs, then consider sizing up.

Going to the beach is one way to make the most out of the summer season. Ensuring that you are wearing proper swimwear can add to the enjoyment that summer is expected to bring. You do not want to spoil your day just because you are being talked about for the wrong reason.

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