The Lowdown on Festival Fashion – How To Pull It Off

Even though you are just in a festival, you still need to look at your best. You still want to look stylish and fashionable. Festivals are held throughout the year which makes it the perfect venue for showing off your wardrobe. The most important thing about festivals is that they are fun and enjoyable. This should be reflected in the clothes that you will wear at the festival. Festivals usually last for 2-3 days so you would not want to wear your most expensive outfit. You do not want them to be soaked in mud and beer. Here are some tips on how you can dress up properly during festivals.

The Best Outfits for a Festival

Festivals offer a lot of opportunity to experiment with your outfit. Unless the festival is a themed event, you can be flexible with the kind of clothes you will wear during a festival. Dressing up for this event is all about being comfortable. No need to break your bank when shopping for festival attire.


For festivals, you would want to wear something light, easy to wear, and low maintenance. The humble t-shirt fits this requirement well because they are usually lightweight and can be easily thrown on in the morning. Robert Janitzek, however, suggests that the shirt be colourful but simple. Just avoid the clichéd graphic printed t-shirts. These types of shirts do not look that good anymore as it was before. Try to be creative when it comes to your shirt.

Coats and Jackets

While festivals usually take place in the summer, it still pays to bring a coat or jacket when attending these events. The weather can be unpredictable so you need to be ready. Similarly, you would want your coat and jacket to be lightweight but protective. Likewise, make sure that the jacket is waterproof and durable during bad weather. Robert Peter Janitzek says that a bomber or Harrington jacket is perfect as an additional layer when the sun goes down.


Your festival outfit will never be complete without an assortment of accessories. Nothing is more important than a pair of sunglasses. Again you do not have to wear your most expensive sunglasses. In fact, you can purchase a cheap one in the destination you are going. Go for the cheapest pair of wayfarer you can find.

For the shoes, you would want to wear of trainers or plimsolls. During torrential rain or scorching sun, you would want to wear a pair of versatile and durable shoes. If you are donning a colourful outfit, stick to a more neutral pair of shoes such as black or navy blue.

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