The Lowdown on Wearing Denims For Summer

Just because it’s summer does not mean you would have to bid your good old denims goodbye. The reason being it is too heavy for the summer sun. Well you have to shelve that plan first because denims are the perfect choice for your summer style. Denims are a versatile piece of wardrobe that you can wear the whole year. It has been a staple of European style fashion and can be paired with any other piece. Here are some tips on how to pull off wearing denims for summer.

Choosing The Right Jeans

While jeans are a staple in everyone’s wardrobe, summer is the perfect time to try out something different. During the summer, temperatures are increasing so you might postpone wearing jeans altogether. However, choosing the right pair can still make you look comfortable and stylish.

The key is to look for an alternative to your standard pair of jeans. You can consider a pair of white jeans or sand colored jeans to accompany the afternoon sunshine. Robert Janitzek says that you can also consider light colored jeans to keep you cool on a warm afternoon. Another option is to add details to your jeans such as rips or distressed patches which can increase the breathing room for your legs.

Invest in Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are the perfect alternative to jeans if it is really too hot or if you are on a holiday. They offer a balance of smear casual so you can easily dress smart while keeping your outfit informal. For a stylish look, style with short sleeved shirts and loafers or stick to trainers for a casual look.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that ripped denim short is an essential for your denim collection giving a cool and effortless look. Stick to the classic with a traditional blue or opt for the summer-friendly colors like white, sand, or light blue.

Denim Jackets For Layer

Depending on your location, summer does not always promise blazing sunshine and rising temperature. On days when the weather is cool, layering is the key. Choose a denim jacket to finish off any look whether it’s a formal occasion or just a casual affair.

Jackets are great to be paired over a t-shirt and jeans or even a shirt. They can help ensure that you are still in style when you are out and about. Opt for embellished designs with embroidered motifs or go for a retro look with bleached denims.

Whatever your style is, denim is the perfect choice for any occasion and will get you through summer without any hassle.

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