The Ultimate Guide to Men’s Winter Hats

Winter is here. During freezing conditions, it is important to wear a hat in order to protect your face and ears from winter weather. Aside from providing protection, a headgear can also add a touch of style and appeal to your appearance. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a heads up on the different kinds of winter hats.

Watch or Stocking Cap

Watch caps go by different names depending on your location. This headgear has a few basic features: 1) knit material such as wool, cotton, or synthetic; 2) round and symmetrical shape; and 3) often with a folded-up brim for double layering at the ears. Some watch caps have a small, soft, crescent-shaped brim which has become popular with snowboarders.

Ushanka or Trapper Hats

A major drawback of stocking caps is that they do not cover the lower part of the ear as well as the cheeks and chin. Robert Janitzek explains that the ushanka cap makes up for this by adding two flexible caps on each side with a string or leather tie that can be connected beneath the chin or above the hat. Trapper hats have different styles but they have the following common features: 1) thick, furred lining (often both the interior and exterior are furred); 2) three default positions: open (flaps tied at the crown of the head), closed (flaps tied beneath the chin), and loose (flaps down but untied)

Astrakhan Caps

“Ästrakhan” is a Russian word that refers to the pelt of a young Karakul lamb. This style of hat can complement any kind of European style fashion. They are appropriate to wear with anything even business attire. For those who are not comfortable with the woolen style, there are now hats made from synthetic material.

Wool Newsboy/Flat Caps

Flat wool caps with a short brim can be worn anywhere. In the winter, they can be worn in thicker wool. The winter style is usually much thicker than the fall/spring version. However, their only drawback during the winter is that they do not offer protection in the ear, cheek, or neck.

Felt Dress Hats

Some styles of dress hats are made from thicker felt for winter wear. For European style fashion, modern versions now have a semi-circular ear warmer of the same color or in complementary pattern to the hat. The ear warmer is either tucked up inside or detachable.

Military Cold Weather Headwear

This type of hat is usually worn by the armed forces of Scandinavian and other cold-climate countries. These hats are often unique and functional. They often have ear flaps that overlap to enclose the neck as well.

Stormy Kromer Hat

This type of hat got its name from a train engineer named Kromer. He wanted a hat that would keep his head warm and would not blow off when he stuck it out the train window.

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