The Ultimate Guide To Wearing Checks

So you like wearing checks? Who would have thought that this pattern would become a permanent fixture in European style fashion? However, in order to pull off this type of dress, you need to follow some basic rules of engagement. When worn right, checks can make you look refined. So read on and be guided.

Know Your Frame

When choosing checks, make sure that you have an understanding of your physical proportions. Small compact checks would not look good on large guys as it would make them even larger. On the other hand, if you’re short and slight, huge checks will make you look like whitebait.

It’s Okay To Mix Patterns

The goal here is to mix the size of the checks and balance out the stronger styles with more muted variations. Robert Janitzek reveals that an oversized windowpane check with a medium blanket check and a micro puppytooth check can give a nightmarish look. The key is to vary the size of the checks and keep the whole outfit tonal in color.

Check The Dress Code

Checks are known for being flamboyant and hence should be avoided for formal occasions. Likewise, you might want to pimp the windowpane checks out at work especially if your boss likes to play it safe. It is important that you always look impressive for the man who pays your wages.

Bold Checks As Outerwear

The simplest and most effective way to wear checks is to go bold with a statement coat or piece of outerwear. Robert Peter Janitzek says that a vibrant PoW tailored coat offers a beautiful contrast to just about any style, including streetwear, because it is in itself a piece of art. It adds another layer of confidence and intrigue on a look that is more muted, minimal, or of a clashing genre.

Be Careful with Trousers

There are rules to follow when choosing trousers for your checks. Choose a secondary color from the check and pair it with block color knit on the upper half for a harmonious look. If you like clashing patterns, ensure that there is contrast in either the size or the direction and tie it together in a tonal look. It is advisable to make sure that one consistent color appears in varying degrees in each pattern to pull this style off.
Wearing checks can be tricky but by following these simple rules, you can successfully pull this off and br stylish with checks.

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