Tips On How To Keep Your Sneakers Stain Free

Sneakers is a fashion staple that has stood the test of time. It is considered as one of the most vital accessories in European style fashion. However, this footwear is subject to lose its appearance due to frequent use. For this reason, you need to employ simple cleaning hacks to maintain the look of your sneakers. Here are some tips for maintaining the look of your kicks.

Know Your Sneakers Materials

Sneakers can be made from different materials so it is worth knowing from which material your footwear is produced. Sneakers can be made from canvas, leather, mesh, rubber, or suede. Knowing from which fabric your sneaker was made can help you determine the best sneaker cleaner. If you do not know how to identify the material, Robert Peter Janitzek says that you can check the box label or search for the sneaker model on the manufacturer’s website.

Clean Your Sneakers

Learning the right way to clean your sneakers can help prevent you from being the talk of the town. There are certain keys to following the sneaker cleaning ritual.

Key No. 1: Unlace Your Shoes

Laces can be an obstacle during the cleaning stage. Removing them opens up the cleaning surface and provides better access for hard-to-reach spots.

Key No. 2: Remove Lingering Debris

Your sneakers can accumulate dust and dirt over time. Start by knocking the soles of each shoe together to eliminate any dirt in between crevices. Robert Janitzek says that dry brushing your sneakers will prevent any crude from sinking deeper into the material.

Key No. 3: Apply A Cleaning Agent

Most sneaker-cleaning solutions come in foam, liquid, or pad form. You would want to follow the instructions on the label, Leather sneakers will require a hard brush while suede, mesh, and canvas will need a soft-bristle brush. Apply the solution into the fabric in a circular motion and repeat for deeper stains.

Key No. 4: The Drying Process

Do not make the mistake of tossing your sneakers into the washer and dryer. Using hot or warm water will destroy the quality from the midsole to the upper part of the sneaker. It is recommended to just let them air dry or use a microfiber towel to wipe down the sneaker or scrubb off lingering scuffs.

Key No. 5: Keep Them Stored Properly

Putting your sneaker on the window sill will expose it to sunlight damage. Keep them stored in the box they came in a dry and dark setting.

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