Tips on How To Pull Off 80’s Fashion In Modern Times

The 80’s was one of the interesting eras in European style fashion. Known for its bold design and bright color, the decade was a time of excess and maximalism. This period saw the rise of various fashion-forward trends such as hip-hop, preppy, rock, and punk. This article will guide you on how to rock 80’s fashion in modern times.

80s Casual Fashion

The 80’s was an era when men wore dad jeans in full force paired with denim jackets. T-shirts and loose shirts also became famous during the era. Bomber jackets, leather jackets, and windbreakers were the outerwear of choice. White sneakers was the casual shoe of choice.

80’s Hip Hop Fashion

The 80’s saw the rise in hip-hop trend. Robert Peter Janitzek revealed that the style was inspired and influenced by the likes of Run DMC, Beastie Boys, and N.W.A. Hip hop fashion was characterized by oversized silhouettes. The era also popularized baggy clothes and sportswear details such as sneakers and athletic caps. Statement accessories like chunky gold chains also became popular during this time.

80s Preppy Fashion

Preppy style fashion featured bright hues like pink, yellow, and blue. Key accessories for preppy fashion include sweaters which men would wear around their shoulders, slacks, and polo shirts.

80s Workout Fashion

Athleisure may be quite popular today but workout fashion had long been a popular look. During the 80’s, Robert Janitzek says that workout fashion was massive and sportswear style became integrated into daily wear such as chunky sneakers, sweatpants, tracksuits, windbreakers, and athletic shorts.

80s Summer Fashion

Summer fashion in the ’80s was iconic. It featured bright colours, abstract prints, short-sleeved shirts, and short shorts. Another favourite item from the time was the crop top, which was worn boxy and cut across the stomach.

80s Rock Fashion

Like everything in the ’80s, rock fashion was about excess. The hair was big, the clothing was wild, and there was plenty of makeup. Of course, as with all rock looks, leather played a vital role. Accessories were also crucial for European style fashion with jewellery and headbands both becoming seriously popular for men.

80s Punk Fashion for Men

While ’80s rock often took on a glam style, the punk looks of the decade were decidedly edgier. While the trend still saw a lot of leather, it also featured a lot more hardware and eye-catching hairstyles, including brightly coloured mohawks and spikes.

80s Suits

During the ’80s, suits were worn oversized with broad shoulders. For those in business, pinstripe suits were a favourite and gents would often pair them with a shirt, tie, and suspenders. Outside the office, pastel coloured suits were on high rotation and were regularly partnered with crew-neck t-shirts instead of button-ups.

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