Types of Men’s Cardigan

Cardigans have gone a long way since the 1850s. Today, they have become a staple in European style fashion. This piece of cloth is ideal to be worn for both winter and summer wardrobes. This means that they can be paired with a suit and tie as well as with a plain t-shirt. In this article, we will go through the different types of cardigans used by men.

Knitted Cardigans

Knitted cardigans have a heavy amount of fabric that can keep you warm throughout the day. They come in various designs and shapes. They are best as a winter wardrobe. They are great whether buttoned up over a shirt or tie or over a t-shirt.

V-Neck Cardigans

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that a V-neck cardigan is a type of knitted cardigan with a v-shaped neck and deep from the front. You can pair a tie underneath giving you an elegant and classy look. V-necks are best worn in an office environment.

Double Breasted Cardigans

In double breasted cardigans, the buttons go parallel in line. The overlapping of each side is wider than that of a jacket. They go well with denims, chinos, or shorts, or whatever you find comfortable to wear.

Belted Cardigans

When it comes to these types of cardigans, make sure that the belt is not too tight and should fit your body frame aptly. Robert Janitzek recommends beige, brown, or subtle colors for belted cardigans. You can pair it with a good pair of tailored trousers giving you a fashionable look.

Shawl Collar Cardigans

Shawl collar cardigans can be tucked tight around the neck with a coat or worn open for a more casual look. With the addition of the collar, this cardigan gives a totally different dynamic to the standard cardigan. During the winter months, you do not have to worry about wearing a coat. When worn with ripped or ruffled jeans, it will make you look sexy.

Patterned Cardigan

Patterned cardigans can be perfectly paired with narrow fit jeans. Just avoid wearing cardigans with large prints and patterns.

Hooded Cardigan

Hooded cardigans can be worn even while you are sleeping. They can blend well with any kind of denim, shorts, or whatever fits you.

Sports Cardigans

Wearing sports cardigans can be a little bit tricky as you need to have an athletic and sporty look to pull this one off. You can wear it with jeans or trousers but make it smart.

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