Wearing The Right Wardrobe For The Right Occasion

The clothes you wear is a reflection of who you are. For this reason, it is important to dress up properly depending on the occasion you are going. You cannot simply wear whatever you want in a formal gathering. In this article, we shall take a look at the right dress for certain occasions.

Job Interview

During a job interview, your ultimate aim is to impress a potential employer so they will hire you. The attire you are wearing defines your personality and will contribute to the entire interview process. Thus, you need to impress the interviewer by dressing appropriately. Wear dress with sober or pastel shades such as blue, beige, ivory, white, and others.

First Day on the Job

Congratulations! You got the job. But that does not mean you will not dress up properly anymore. When choosing an apparel to wear on your first day, always bear in mind the culture of the company you are working for. A rule of thumb is to dress a little better on your first day even if the dress code is casual. If the company requires a business attire, go for a dark suit with a matching silk tie with solid color. Complement your upper garments with a solid dark colored socks and slip-on business shoes.

Going on a First Date

Similar to a job interview, you would want to impress the girl you are wooing. You need to dress up properly in order to sweep your date off her feet. Women love men who have character, ambitious, and stylish. The right dress during a first date is one that looks good on you. Play with colors that matches your style and personality.

For your first date, a sports coat with jeans or khakis with an open collared, slim-fit, tucked out skirt in solid colors will surely impress your date. A jacket will make you look chivalrous specially if you offer it to your date when she is feeling cold.

Meeting The Parents

Mission accomplished on your first date. Now, it’s time to dress up properly for meeting her parents. Remember their eyes will be on you not only on the way you talk but also on your manner of dressing. So look your best and you will be fine.

The bottom line is that the clothes you wear speaks something about yourself. Whatever is the occasion, always dress appropriately.

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