What Summer Wear Guys Should Not Be Wearing If They Want To Impress Girls

Summer is associated with sand, sun, and beaches. It is the season when guys want to impress girls by showing off their muscles, six pack abs, and chiseled body. You may have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger but if girls are not being impressed, then something is wrong. Perhaps you might be wearing it all wrong. Here is a lowdown on the outfit you should avoid to dress up properly and impress girls.

White Jeans

If you think wearing white jeans is cool, think again. White jeans need to be worn right or not at all. If you have a skinny body, avoid white jeans. If you really want to wear this shade, go for a slim or dad fit. They are way cooler than super skinnies. An alternative to the white jeans is a tailored pair of cool white trousers. Their loose fit and light material works a whole lot better than jeans and will surely impress girls.


Socks are a necessity and everyone wears them. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that most of the time guys get them wrong. During the summer, socks will be on full display. Whether its with shoes, trainers, or sandals’, you need to know what socks to wear. When wearing socks with trainers, make sure that they sit at a normal height. You do not have to pull them up like stockings or knee high socks. If you are wearing boat socks or loafers, then a pair of secret socks is your best bet.


Combats are functional because they provide plenty of pocket space. They were once a fashion statement. However, it does not hold true anymore in the current time. However, Robert Janitzek says that you can still wear them in style. Just because it has many pockets does not mean you will have to fill them all up. You would look bulky in a funny way. Rather than wear combats, go for cargo pants. They may look similar but cargos are slimmer and gives a more street style look.


Some people like wearing vests and others don’t. To be on the safe side, go with the majority and don’t wear them. However, if you insist there is a right time and place to wear it. For example, if you are going to the gym, then wear a vest. They make a great workout wear. However, if you intend to wear it elsewhere, don’t.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats project a 90’s vibe and unless you want to embrace that look, skip the bucker hat trend. In addition, avoid wearing it with jeans and t-shirts as well.

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