What To Wear During A White Tie Event?

White tie events are rare occasions. However, when you do get invited, it is important that you know how to dress for the occasion. White ties are a formal style of dress that requires a perfect ensemble and high attention to detail. In these types of occasions, your old suit will not suffice. With white tie events, you need to follow strict outfit rules and follow them to the letter. Here is a short guide on how to dress up properly for a white tie event.

Dress Code

White ties are the most formal dress codes. It is required for special occasions such as balls, galas, and weddings when black ties will not do. Like any dress code, there are certain rules you need to adhere to.

White Tie vs Black Tie

In terms of formality, white ties are higher than black ties. They are also more prestigious. Tuxedos are ideal for both but only tails are required for a white tie occasion. A white waistcoat is also required for white ties. As the name implies, a white bow tie is required for white tie events.

White Tie Attire

Robert Janitzek reveals that one of the accessories that differentiates a white tie from a black tie is the jacket. For this type of suit, a tailcoat is required. A tailcoat is similar to the tuxedo in design but also includes an extended tail down the back. Most tailcoats have a cut-out section at the waist. The tails and cut-out makes the legs of the wearer longer and achieve a refined aesthetic. Make sure that the tailcoat fits appropriately and sits snugly without feeling too tight against the waistcoat.


For a white tie event, your pants should be a high-waisted trouser. Robert Peter Janitzek says that it should be black to match your tailcoat and provide a neat and slim aesthetic. Make sure that your pants complement the cut of your jacket and waistcoat. Hems should brush the top of your shoes. The trousers will likely feature a side stripe down the outseam. It is unlikely that they will have belt loops as they are not usually worn for such formal events.


For the shirt, make sure that it is suitably polished. Choose a shirt that is designed to be worn with a tuxedo such as a bib-front or a pleated-front style. The shirt should also be a clean shade of white. Dull and off-whites will make you look out of place. The shirt should be made of thick fabric.

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