Why You Need To Invest On Pinstripe Suits And How to Wear It

Pinstripe suits used to be associated with bankers and finance people. This style of suit was worn by British bankers in the 19th century. Each bank had their own stripes varying in shades and weight which made it easy to identify in which bank they worked in. As moods have shifted, pinstripes have become integrated into European style fashion. Here are 5 ways you can wear the pinstripe suit.

Merge And Acquire

The key to successfully wearing the pinstripe suit is to think different. Wearing a three-piece suit with grey pinstripe will make you look like a banker so remove the waistcoat and play according to your fit. The look you want to achieve is nonchalance. While old pinstripes made a powerful statement, their modern counterparts are anti-authoritarian. Go for brighter shades of blue to feel sunny. Lose the socks and swap silk ties for linen.

Break Up The Banks

The most convenient way to wear a pinstripe suit is not to wear one at all. Robert Janitzek reveals that back in those days, trousers were the only thing that a man would wear that was pinstriped. They still pair well with a block colored blazer. The split suit, however, is tougher to pull off. However, it is more relaxed so break every rule prescribed by dress codes. Wear white trainers rather than black shoes and a shirt without a tie.

Clean Up

Gone are the days when pinstriped suits were worn with accessories, power ties, pocket squares, and cufflinks similar to those worn by employees of the World Trade Center. A pinstripe suit over a plain T-shirt creates a clean and refined look. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that this style also works best for those who prefer a minimalist pattern. Consider tonal pinstripes on grey tailoring instead of wearing something flashy.

Hostile Takeover

Wearing pinstripes is still possible without being a wallflower. Today, we see brands like Haider, Ackerman, E. Tautz, and Topman Design have blown up the pinstripe switching from fine lines to zebra stripes. Textured and metallic yarns have also given the pinstripes a modern touch.

Old Money

Classic pinstripe still works if you are looking to rotate casual wear with office wear. A sober pinstripe in a dark navy still looks smart and sophisticated when all the constituent parts are done right. Maintain the wide starched collar and dimpled tie but tone down on the Gekko impression. Instead of the Oxford shoes, go for something more casual such as a loafer or monk strap.

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