10 Must-Pack Items For Your European Winter Trip

Winter in Europe can be extremely frigid compared to other regions. Depending on where you are going or how long is your stay, packing your stuff can be extremely challenging. However, this should not be the case. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us some tips on the essential things you need to pack for your European winter escapade.

Thermal underwear

Whether it’s in the Swiss Alps or in Germany, a thermal underwear can come in handy. You can easily roll it and stuff into your day pack, corners of your backpack, or the front of your suitcase. You can use them as an under clothing when the weather is extremely cold.


Cardigans or button-ups can help jazz-up an outfit or for staying warm. Go for black or neutral colors for mixing and matching with T-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, or a formal attire.


Although they can take up space in your luggage, jeans are a staple in European style fashion and can make one more snazzy.

Solid Color Short Sleeved Shirts

Solid colored items can make wearing layers easy. They offer versatility when traveling. You can throw a thermal under, a cardigan over, and then drape a scarf.

Button-Down Shirt with Tie

Men cannot simply go wrong with a shirt and a tie. They are the perfect outfit during dinners, performances, clubbing, and more.

Shoes and Socks

A walking shoes is necessary considering that the streets of Europe will not be smooth during the winter. Waking in heels over cobblestones can prove difficult. Flip flops may also be necessary.

Thin Sweats

Robert Janitzek reveals that if you have thermals, bulky swears may no longer be needed. However, you will need something comfy to lounge and sleep in. Thin sweats or yoga pants will suffice.


Scarfs, gloves, or hats can be included in your pack. Aside from keeping you warm, they can be mixed and matched with your outfits.


In Europe, you need to be ready for any kind of weather. You’ll never know when it is going to rain. Ponchos can be easily folded and will not take up a lot of room.

Winter Coat

Again, you do not need to bring along the bulkiest coat if you have thermals, sweats, and layers.

These are just the essentials that you need when packing for a winter in Europe. Of course, everything will depend on the length of your stay and where you are going.

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