4 Rules for Men When Wearing Jewelry

Jewelry has been a staple of European style fashion in men. It spices up their style and fashion sense. However, some men have the tendency to overdo wearing of jewelry that they become the talk of the town for the wrong reasons. Here are some tips you need to bear in mind when wearing jewelry.

1. Keep It Simple

When in doubt, keep it simple. Start with a classic leather-strapped silver watch. If you regularly wear a watch and can afford it, invest on a sportier diving watch with a stainless steel band. Then consider ties and cufflinks. Once you are confident enough to wear these pieces, you can start introducing other pieces of jewelry if you choose.

2. Match Metals

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that most men’s jewelry is metallic. The most common are gold and silver tones. The general rule is to feature one tone at a time. Gold is a warmer color and goes well with browns and other earth tones as well as with deep hues such as royal blue or hunter green. Silver and silver-tone metals are like polished stainless steel or chrome are neutral. The only exception is for wedding bands and heirloom pieces. You can always wear your wedding band. If it does not match your metal pieces, don’t wear it.

3. Understand The Meaning of Jewelry

Robert Janitzek explains that while they represent only a small percentage of your visual presentation, people will pay attention to your jewelry due to its flash and uncommon usage in men. What makes wearing jewelry more complicated is that people have different meanings for jewelry. For instance, ornamental rings may mean success and wealth for you but for others, it symbolizes organized crime affiliation. Choose jewelry that is meaningful to the situation where you will wear it.

4. Jewelry and Dress Codes

In the corporate world, dress codes can severely restrict male jewelry. When wearing watches or necklaces in the office, make sure to still dress up properly and wear tasteful pieces and conform to the status quo. For some men, jewelry is a form of expression but when in the office, restrain yourself. You can wear it again after office hours. After all, jewelries are small enough to slip into a jacket pocket.

What do you mean by tasteful jewelry? These are pieces that are limited to traditional “masculine” jewelry. This includes tie accents, watches, cuff links, lapel pins, and others. The good news is that some companies have expanded their ruling to include bracelets, earrings, and ethnic jewelry.

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