5 Denim Jeans Mistake That You Should Avoid

Denims are a popular choice when it comes to jeans. Its laid back and relaxed look makes it a perfect addition to your wardrobe. However, many guys are still not able to pull it off and end up being the talk of the town for the wrong reason. In order to dress up properly, here are some common denim mistakes you should avoid so as not to ruin your entire outfit.

Shopping The Wrong Size Pockets

The size and shape of your pockets can drastically change the way your denims will look from behind. Pockets that sit high and tilt slightly outward will make your tush appear fit and lifted. Avoid pockets that sit lower than the bottom curve of your butt. Likewise, you should avoid jeans without a pocket.

Choosing the Wrong Size When You Are In Between Sizes

Being caught in between two sizes is no fun. However, most denim fabric stretches out naturally over time. If you are going for a fitted look, Robert Janitzek recommends choosing the smaller size jeans as it will stretch to your natural curves with constant wear. The lighter and thinner is the weight of the denim, the more it will stretch.

You Have The Wrong Hemline

Nothing pulls a look together better than a crisp hem or a fitted fold. Decide how you will be wearing your pair of jeans most and have them hemmed by your tailor. For skinny jeans, it should be cropped to the top of the ankle. Straight-leg jeans should be cropped to the mid-point of the ankle and boot-cut jeans to a half-inch off the ground.

You Wash Your Jeans Improperly

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that washing your jeans frequently can cause it to fade so to preserve the fade, wash them infrequently. Wash them together with other jeans. Flip the jeans inside out and run it through delicate cycle with cold water. To minimize shrinking and fading, hang to dry. You can also try putting your jeans in the freezer to remove unpleasant smells.

You Wear Baggy Fits with Boots

Skinny jeans are the easiest fit to tuck into a boot. But while other fits might take additional steps, it is still possible to pull it off. For boot cut jeans, fold the hem up to make a two-inch cuff and tuck the cuff into a high sock. The boot should slip right on with minimal bagging at the top. For ankle boots, try skinny jeans with a cuff.

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