5 European Suit Brands You Can Consider Wearing

Europe is a haven for finding top-notched tailors that caters to your needs for stylish and fashionable suits. Over the years, these tailors have hidden themselves in the Swiss Alps, the Bavarian forests, and the Danish archipelagos. Suits are part and parcel of European style fashion. In this article, we shall take a look at 5 European brands that you should consider when looking for a suit to wear for important events.


Baumler was established in 1934 in Germany. It specializes in elegant, masculine, and business-like design suits that are made from the finest quality fabrics which includes Super 100 Italian wool originating from some of the most prestigious mills on the continent. Baumler blue wool suits are known for having perfect quality workmanship.

Roy Robson

Roy Robson combines tradition with modernity. Founded in 1922 in Germany, Roy Robson black wool suits are always designed to highlight the style and personality of the wearer. As a stalwart of European style fashion, this brand uses modern, sustainable, and environmentally-friendly production methods. They constantly search for premium European fabrics in order to reduce travel time and CO2 emissions.


With the slogan, “The Menswear Concept,” Digel has been in the suit industry since 1939. Over the years, they have built an international reputation of being offered in more than 40 countries. This brand has a keen sense for the latest trends and creativity in design. It provides customers with a fashion touch that is attuned with the times.

Selected Homme

Selected Homme is the epitomy of a clean and modern Scandinavian style. This European style fashion comes with a distinctive design and clever flourishes. It is designed for the man who wants to dress confidently. Established in 1997 in Denmark, Selected Homme is part of a Danish family-owned clothing company Bestseller.

Carl Gross

Carl Gross comes with cutting-edge German design and made from fine Italian fabrics. They are exquisite and intelligently functional for the modern working man. Due to its price and performance level, Carl Gross has gained appreciation from a worldwide audience. It was founded in 1925 in Germany.

So if you are considering European style fashion, awareness of these brands is necessary. These labels are known for their quality and elegance. These suits are designed to make you look classy and stylish whether you are attending a formal gathering or a family event.

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