5 Ways How To Wear V-Neck Sweater

As far as European style fashion is concerned, the crewneck has been the dominant style of men’s sweater for some time now, there has been a shift to V-necks lately. Brands like Louis Vuitton are reinventing this style. As far as V-necks are concerned, there are no rules. Aside from that, the opportunities to wear them are boundless. Here is a look at 5 ways you can wear them to become stylish.

Suit Up

V-necks are great for warming up when you need to wear a suit to work. They come in a rainbow of shades which makes it tempting to color too far outside the lines. Robert Janitzek recommends sticking to the basics and letting the necklines do the lifting. Mixing white cotton shirts and grey or navy sweaters with a well-tailored trouser will never fail.

The Time Machine

For a fashion-forward look, you can pair its two trending necklines: the roll neck popped out from beneath a V. This style brings a 1970s vibe. However, you can give it a modern look by pairing an icy cream or white colored roll neck under a bluer or grey V-neck without accessories and over grey wool trousers. For something a bit more tongue-in chic, pair a mustard roll neck with a maroon V-neck and sling a brown leather blouson on top.

Texture Mixing

Robert Peter Janitzek also recommends texture mixing when styling with a V-neck. They are best in buttery wools which can add coziness and depth to your outfit. Toughen up your V-neck with a leather biker jacket or wool overcoat. The former can give a more casual rebellious look. The latter, on the other hand, can break up flat colors and add a touch of personality to your look.

Cricket Sweater

The British heritage brand Kent & Curwen, co-owned by soccer great David Beckham, invented cricket sweaters in the 1930s. It spearheaded the first V-neck trend. The brand’s Creative Director Daniel Kearns has reinvented the trend in luxury wools with subtly striped collars in classic and white. They are best when paired with tailored trousers or jeans and an overcoat with or without anything underneath.

With Bare Skin

For a more sexy look, you can don a collarless V-neck button-front shirt under blazers and suits. If you like to toe the fine line between class and lechery, best to stick to muted shades and fine fabric.

V-necks are on the rise again and with these five 5 styles, you can jump in the bandwagon with flair and class.

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