5 Ways To Wear Driving Shoes

Don’t be deceived by the name. Just because it has the name driving does not mean it cannot be used for other purposes. While it was originally designed as an aid in motoring, the driving shoes has become more than that. The driving shoes is a moccasin-construction slip-on footwear that offers a snug but comfortable fit. The defining feature of the footwear is the small rubber pebbles covering the sole and extends to the back of the heel. They offer flexibility and added grip on the pedals. In this article, we shall take a look at the different styles of wearing this European style fashion staple.

The Road Trip

This was how the shoes were originally intended for. However, the original use has been lost in memory. The driving shoes offers comfort and elegance. The driving shoes can be paired well with jeans, tees, and a cool jacket. To finish off the look, add some aviator shades and a vintage timepiece.

Preppy Perfection

The driving shoes have established itself in the confines of the contemporary preppy wardrobe. The footwear should be worn without socks only. Go for warm colors and combine with seersucker, madras or linen shorts and the ubiquitous Oxford cotton button-down shirt. Robert Janitzek recommends adding a vintage watch and sunglasses and you are all set.

The Business Trip

Driving shoes is the perfect footwear for business travel, especially by air, because they are lightweight and comfortable. They can be easily removed for security checks or naps. This is only one of those occasions when socks should be worn with them. Wear long pale colored cotton-blended socks and select a loafer in a dark and conservative hue. For the trousers, have it tailored with little or no break as drivers only have a low heel.

Poolside Chic

Drivers are the ideal vacation shoe that can help you navigate through airports and smart dinners. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that they are sporty enough to wear around the pool or beach bar when paired with tailored swim shorts, knitted polo shirts, and appropriate diving watch.

The Beach Wedding

While Oxford shoes can complement your wool, silk, and linen-blend suit on a beach wedding, the sand and salt may cause serious damage to the leather. Wearing a leather driving loafers without socks may just do the trick. The rubber sole is practical in the sand and a little wear and tear will only add to the charm.

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