6 Styles of Sneakers You Should Consider Adding In Your Wardrobe

Trainers are gaining popularity as the footwear of choice. Statistics from 2015 reveals that more than 9 million pairs of trainers resold at a total value of $1.2 billion, suggesting that sneakers might be the new stocks. Over the years, there have been six styles of sneakers that have shaped European style fashion.

The All-White Tennis Sneaker

While all white sneakers have been in the market in the turn of the 20th century, snow white kicks did not become popular until the arrival of the Adidas Robert Haillett in 1965. A pared-back pair of leather and rubber low-tops worn by French tennis player Robert Haillett became the Stan Smith in 1971. Since then, it spawned legions of imitations that gave rise to a market full of white-out styles. All white tennis sneakers are great with denim in a smart casual workplace as well as with suit.

The Fashion Runner

Lightweight, breathable, and boasting an incomparable level of comfort, fashion runners is designed to put performance first. Robert Janitzek reveals that the latest styles of runners are great for smart cut trousers and a pair of training shorts. Brands like Asics, New Balance, and Saucony produce supremely comfortable runners in a variety of contemporary and vintage colors.

The All-Black

The problem with white kicks is that it requires constant maintenance which makes them less appealing. This is where the black kicks come in. Aside from their versatility, all-black sneakers require less time scrubbing uppers. When buying these types of sneakers, look for canvas, mesh, and neoprene styles. British brands like Church’s or Grenson are great investments but there solid options on the high street and premium end of the market.

The Basketball Shoe

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that basketball trainers are built with enough support to remain light on the feet. However, it is their style rather than built-in suspension, that made the basketball shoes one of the most popular trainers in recent years. Being a high profile shoes, basketball shoes do not pair well with your wardrobe.

The Slip-On

Slip-ons sprung into popularity in the 1960s. Due to its low profile and laceless construction, slip-on trainers are a streetwear staple. This style of footwear should be in every man’s closet because it can be worn with shorts. It is still prized both on and off the halfpipe. Slip-ons can complement lightweight chinos and beat-up jeans. Go for canvas version as well as colors like beige, black, grey, and navy for optimal wearability.

The Gym Trainer

Today, gym shoes are ubiquitous on the streets as they are on the treadmill. If you are into weight training, look for the hard soled flat trainers. They will give a better base, more support, and greater confidence for lifting heavy. If you are more into cardio, look for something with a bit more support.

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