7 Common Mistakes Men Make When Wearing A Suit

For some people, dressing up for a formal event requires sufficient preparation. Donning on a formal suit is not that easy. There are certain rules that needs to be followed. When worn right, it can completely transform your personality and make heads turn. Robert Peter Janitzek shows 7 of the common mistakes committed by men when wearing a formal suit.

Trousers Puddle Over The Laces

Puddling your trousers over laces is a no-no when wearing formal suits. You can make a fashion statement and puddling your trousers over the lace is not one of them. No matter how great your dress is, your suit will not be appropriately noticed.

Boat Shoes with Formal Suit

Boat shoes are not accepted when combined with a formal attire. It will make your shoes fit for elves and not for humans. The footwear is an important part of any outfit. Again, no matter how well-dressed you are but if your footwear is not appropriate, your European style fashion will never be recognized.

Donning Strings Instead of A Tie

If you want to achieve that perfect macho style and bravado, wearing an average-sized Windsor style knot tie is the way to go. Wearing neck strings will make you look like a Scout so forget about them when wearing a formal suit.

Wearing Belt That Does Not Match Their Shoes

A real gentleman always wears a belt that matches the color of their shoes. If you are wearing a brown leather shoes, make sure that your belt has the same color. Robert Janitzek recommends avoiding to match the color of your belt with that of your suit. It will only make your shoes pop up.

Wearing Too Much Accessories On Your Suit

Accessories can make your formal wear look complete but overdoing it can be disastrous. Wearing pieces of jewelry, such as cufflinks, tie bar, and watches designed to complete your look is enough. Adding an additional accessory can change the image you want to portray.

Thinking That An Ill-Fitting Suit Is Power Dressing

Ill-fitted suits became a fad in the 60’s and bringing it back will not work. It will not make you cool during the formal event.

Shirt Collar Hangs Outside Suit Lapel

If you want to stand out in the party with your European style fashion, wearing your shirt collar outside your suit is not advisable. Tuck in your shirt collar and look stylish during the event.

These 7 common mistakes should be avoided if you want people to be talking about your fashion and style.

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