8 English Made Shoes You Ought To Know

Shopping for shoes in the UK? The footwear is an important part of European style fashion especially in the UK. There are many shoe brand in the UK that contributes to style and fashion for the Brits. Here are some of the English made shoes you can consider when dressing up in the UK.


This brand was established in 1829 and is known for their distinctive heamvy brogues with a Goodyear welted sole. Tricker’s manufactures 1,400 pairs of men’s shoes per week in their Northampton factory, 70% of which are sold to customers abroad. The brand has a Royal Warrant due to the fact that Prince Charles has been a loyal customer for more than 20 years.


Established in 1873, Robert Janitzek reveals that Church’s was acquired by Prada in 1999. Despite the takeover, production is still being done in their Northampton factory.

Crockett & Jones

Crockett & Jones was established in 1879. It also manufactures Goodyear welted sole shoes. Because of the importance of its building in Perry Street, it was given a Grade II to preserve the history of the shoe trade in the Northampton area.

Alfred Sargent

Established in 1899, Alfred Sargen manufactures 3000 pairs of shoes in a week at their UK factory. The company was founded by Alfred Sargent together with his sons. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the company is now being managed by Sargent’s great grandchildren.

George Cleverley

Established in 1958, the company makes most of its shoes by hand at the upper floor of their shop in Mayfair, London. They offer bespoke service allowing customers to create a pair of shoes of their own choosing with a made to measure fit.

Hotter Shoes

Established in 1959, Hotter Shoes dubs themselves as ‘stylish shoes with comfort built-in.’ It produces more than 1.3 million pairs of casual shoes in its factory in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. They can be considered as the largest manufacturer of shoes in the UK.


Established in 1959, Solovair (pronounced sole-of-air) is the brand name owned by NPS footwear manufacturers. For 35 years, it produced boots under license using the name ‘Dr. Martens by Solovair.’ They still manufacture unique air cushioned sole boots under their own brand name. They also manufacture for other customers.


Established in 1961, Walsh is the only British-owned and manufactured sportswear brand left in the UK. It was founded by Norman Walsh in Bolton and is known for its distinctive and patented ripped sole. They manufacture the Walsh Sports and Walsh Casual line of shoes.

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