A Guide To Wearing Men’s T-Shirts

There are many reasons men would be wearing t-shirts. For some men, they consider tees as a wardrobe staple appropriate for every occasion. Some like wearing this piece of garment for its versatility. But while t-shirts are the preferred outfit, there is still a better way to wear them in order to dress up properly.

When to Wear a T-Shirt

When planning to wear a t-shirt, there are some things you need to consider. You have to determine when wearing this apparel is both appropriate and recommended. Here are the factors that you need to consider before wearing a t-shirt.

Dress Code

If you are going to a formal occasion or event, t-shirts are not advisable. Even in a “Casual Friday” at your work, it is not proper to be in t-shirt. Tees are best worn for activities and hang-outs that are loosely organized and laid back.

Activity Level

If you will be engaged in activities that require a lot of movement such as doing labor or sports, t-shirts are recommended. Robert Janitzek reveals that the more movement and sweating the activity involves, the more appropriate wearing a t-shirt will be.


T-shirts are more appropriate for younger men than those past their college years.

Your Build

While any garment will look better on physically fit men, this is also true of t-shirts. If you are overweight or thin, the shirt will either cling to and emphasize your belly or drape lifelessly over your skinny frame. Be reminded that the contrast between the sleeve and color of your skin will draw attention to your pudgy or bony arms.

For thin and overweight men, Robert Peter Janitzek says that they are better off wearing dress shirts and sports jackets that will add some structure to their frame, build out their shoulders, take in their waist, and give you a more masculine v-shape. Casual tops like henleys and polos are more flattering for large men as they can show the details of your neckline which could draw away attention from your belly to your face. These alternative garments are as comfortable as t-shirts.

Making A First Impression

If you are looking to make a good first impression, t-shirts are not the best looking outfit for doing that. To dress up properly, you are better off wearing something sharper. If you are planning to just hang out or attend a get together, tees are alright but not recommended for parties where you will be meeting a lot of people.

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