A Look At Some Low-Maintenance Hairstyles

For most men, the hair can be a fashion statement. Some become trendsetters because of their hairstyle. However, hair maintenance can become an issue. Some even takes hours to style their hair. If you are the type who do not want to spend a lot of time, Robert Janitzek gives us examples of low-maintenance hairstyles for men.

Buzz Cut

Buzz cut refers to the hairstyle that is often achieved using electric clippers. These are extra short cuts are between 1/16 to 5/8 of an inch long. This style does not need regular maintenance depending on the speed of hair growth. You can do the styling at home without the need to visit expensive barber shops.

Crew Cut

Crew cut used to be the style of university rowing teams. It features longer hair on top that gradually fades into a tight taper along the neck. This is one of the most complicated cuts to do at home but it is not impossible. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that just need different sized trimmer blade guards and excellent visualization skills. This style is characterized by longer hair in front.

Taper Cut

The main feature of the taper cut is clean and precise lines usually cut with scissors instead of clippers. It follows the contours of your head. It is the shortest around the neck and gradually grows in length towards the top of the crown. This style requires only a little taming using your fingertips on top.

Short Side Part

With your hair significantly shorter on the side, it will make your hair thicker on the dome. In European style fashion, it may be tricky to style at its short length but you can always ask your barber to define that area. Style can be achieved by sweeping your top hair over the other side and showing your part. For a dressier look, apply pomade to make your strands a little bit shiny.

French Crop

The French Crop is a military style Caesar cut. It will add a little volume to your top hair without the need to create a quiff or a pomp. This style is defined by a full dome of hair combined with a drastic taper or fade around your head. The length varies depending on personal preference.

Ivy League

Ivy League is perhaps the longest buzz haircut as it uses a ‘number 7’ or ‘number 8’ blade guard on your trimmer. While low maintenance, it offers a lot of opportunities to explore various styles for different occasions.

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