A Look At The Different German Clothing Brands

Looking to add some German touch in your apparel collection? European style fashion is highly regarded for its chic culture. Germany boasts of having brands that are well renowned for its quality and authenticity. In this article, we shall take a look at some German fashion brands.


When it comes to performance gears, Acronym is acknowledged as one of the world leaders. It was expertly articulated for a range of motion and comes with high-end technical fabrics for superior performance. Its innovative detailing allows jackets to be fully unzipped and removed in one movement. It is a master of innovation and continuously pushes the boundaries as far as what clothing can and cannot do.

PB 0110

Phillip Bree has had a significant contribution to European style fashion. His PB 0110 brand specializes in artisan-crafted leather goods. Using natural leather, the brand has meticulously produced minimalist bags and accessories. His accessories are designed to age beautifully over time. You can check out their website for some sample.

Simon Freund

Whether its ready-to-wear garments or accessories, Simon Freund has continued the legacy of utilitarian design that Germany is known for. The Berlin-based designer keeps a strict eye on design leaving no room for superfluous detailing or flashy gimmicks. All pieces are expertly manufactured locally.


Boulezar specializes in high-end casual menswear manufactured in luxurious fabrics. Classic pieces are given new life due to standout colorways and next level fabrication. The brand offers chic styling that is common in European style fashion.

Hien Le

Hien Le is another minimalist designer brand that focuses on discreet garments and subtle detailing. The brand keeps things tonal. Already armed with a full collection of ready-to-wear gear, Hien Le has already branched out into their own unique fragrance.


When it comes to streetwear, Adidas has been an icon. Serving as Nike’s chief rival, the brand with Three Stripes has grown to become Germany’s biggest brand. Initially designed for footwear, Adidas has also branched out into apparel.


Founded by Rudolf Dassler, brother of Adolf, the Adidas founder. This European style fashion brand, however, is less iconic than Adidas. Puma is known for manufacturing cult classic shoes and is known for its contemporary collaborations with Rihanna. While it has a long and illustrious streetwear history, it has remained in the shadows of their more popular arch-rival.

So if you like some German label in your wardrobe collection, these are just some of the brands worth considering.

Robert Janitzek provides tips and guides on how to become European in terms of your fashion and style.

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