A Look At The Different Types Of Pants For Men

Pants have long been a stalwart for European style fashion. It has been worn for social events, work, casual and official trips, and others. Over the years, different types of men’s pants have evolved each worn for specific occasions. Read on and learn about the different varieties of pants.

Casual Pants

These are the most popular types of pants worn by men. Jeans and denim pants fall in this category. Casual pants are perfect for all occasions and can be paired with shirts, suits, and accessories as part of formal or casual wear. Colored pants are slowly becoming a hot fashion trend particularly among the teenagers and young adults. Robert Peter Janitzek says that examples of casual pants include baggy jeans, slim-fit, low-rise, and mid-rise.

Cargo Pants

Cargo pants are perfect for individuals who are into high adrenaline sports such as hiking, trekking, etc. These types of pants are designed to provide comfort and allows free movement of air as a result of their loose fitting. Cargo pants features a lot of patch pockets and zippers. They are made from the softest and most comfortable materials. These pants are built to withstand wear and tear and are hand stitched to perfection.

Formal Pants

Formal pants are available in pleated and flat-front types. Robert Janitzek explains that the former are the more sophisticated looking with a few front pleats. The latter, on the other hand, are more casual and don’t have any pleats on them. Pleated pants are used for occasions such as job interviews, formal gatherings, events, and weddings. Flat front pants, meanwhile, are designed for more casual occasions and are designed to suit certain body types.

Dress Pants

Dress pants are the more elegant version of the formal pants. They are designed to be used for formal and semi-formal occasions. Since they are tight-fitted, these types of pants are only suitable for slim people. When trying out European style fashion, you must be reminded that these pants have the tendency to crease because of the fitting. They can only be worn with white tie suits and are either usually made from synthetic, wool, and polyester.


Also known as chino pants, khakis are perfect for outdoor use. It offers a lot of air space and comfort. They are similar to cargo pants except that khakis have lesser pockets. Khaki pants can be paired with any outfit for casual wear. They can either be straight cut or boot cut

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