A Look At the Types of Men’s Necklace And How To Wear Them

When it comes to men’s jewelry, one of the hardest accessories to wear is the necklace. It is worth noting that the necklace of guys is different from that of a woman. The necklace of men is a little more rugged and rough around the edges. Robert Peter Janitzek gives us a look at the different types of necklaces and how to wear them.

Dog Tags

A basic dog tag is a pair of tabs on a ball chain with text on them. They are functionally just a specialized pendant. Nowadays we see more and more designers making an upscale version of the dog tag. On its basic form, a dog tag will usually list the name and medical information or rank and religious preference.


Metal chains are classic male adornment. They can create several looks depending on the metal being used, length of the chain, style of the links, and method of fastening them. Robert Janitzek reveals that the most classic style of chains has flat loops, spaced closed together making the chain appear as a solid ribbon of metal long enough to fall a bit below the collarbone.

The key to wearing a chain is modesty. Keep it understated and underneath your shirt. The small amount of chain is enough to give you a fashion statement. Avoid cheap alternatives and go for quality gold, silver, or platinum.

Religious Alternatives

There are also various necklaces that represent religious affiliations or connected to faith. Most religious necklaces are required by certain faiths or sects while others are just to show their personal belief. To dress up properly, wear them under your shirt, against the body, or chain long enough for the ornament to fall below the neckline.

Most religious necklaces are of the pendant style. Examples of religious necklaces are Christian crosses, Star of David, scapulars, and others. These necklaces are not large, metallic, or jeweled. They are also not the stylish type we expect from a jewelry.


Pendants have only a single small ornament on a long chain or cord such that it rests below the neck. They can range from shaped jewels to clay tablets with a character etched on a tiny vial or scroll case. They can be worn outside casual shirts but tucked underneath with a turn-down collar.


A choker is the opposite of a pendant. It is a solid band around the neck that does not hang down and often broken down with ornaments or designs at regular intervals. Dog collars are chokers as well as the woven hemp necklaces prominent during the surfer and hippie culture.

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