A Man’s Guide on How to Wear a Scarf

A scarf is just a simple rectangular fabric 10 inches wide and 70 inches long. It is made from either a solid or patterned cut of cloth wrapped around the neck. However, some men find it difficult to properly wear this accessory. There is also a notion that wearing scarf can make one effeminate. Robert Peter Janitzek guides us on properly wearing a scarf as well as dispel the wrong notion.

Scarves Are For Men Too

The wearing of scarves was popularized by aviators during World War I and World War II. The purpose of scarves during that time was to provide warmth as well as prevent chafing as aviators scanned the sky for enemy planes. This accessory had been part of men’s wardrobes for more than 2,000 years. The military used them as a rank insignia and unit designators. They prove valuable during inclement weather for soldiers.

Reasons For Wearing A Scarf

Scarves are designed to protect a man’s neck. Robert Janitzek reveals that a thick woolen scarf can provide warmth on a cold morning while a lightweight linen scarf offers protection from the sun. This piece of fabric can add a strong element of style especially when they introduce color to a bland outfit.

How To Properly Wear A Scarf

Wearing a scarf is really not that difficult. You just have to keep in mind some important points.

Type of Scarf

There are different types of scarves to choose from. There are bandana scarves, head scarves, square scarves, circle scarves, and others. However, your best option is a rectangular scarf made from a material that best suits your needs.

Width & Length

To dress up properly, your scarf should be from 6 to 14 inches wide and 50 to 90 inches long. An average height man’s scarf should be at least 60 inches long and a large man should look for a scarf that is 70 inches long.


Scarves are usually made from either wool, cashmere, angora, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic materials or a combination. The weave is also important as bulky scarves made from thick yarn require simple knots and are not as practical.

For winter scarves, choose a napped fabric with soft surface such as wool or cashmere. For hot weather protection, linen and lightweight cotton are great as well as some synthetics.

Differentiating Men’s Scarf From A Woman’s

Scarves are worn by both men and women. But how do you differentiate one from the other? Here is a guide on how to distinguish them.

    • Scarves with animal prints, bright pink, juicy magenta, electric blue, salsa picante, and fresh tulip are designed for feminine scarves.
    • Scarves designed to be worn with a scarf pin are for women. Men do not wear these types of scarves.
    • See-through super-lightweight scarves that do not provide any function and 100% fashion pieces are best worn by your wife or girlfriend.
    • Large knitted scarves or scarves that double as a blanket
    • Scarves with tassels in the same color as the scarf is okay but avoid those with multi-colored pom-pom tips.
    • Elaborately beaded scarves, scarves with sequins, shiny metal trinkets, or scarves with embroidered images of birds, flowers, etc.

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