A Man’s Guide To Choosing The Perfect Belt

A man’s belt is an essential part of their wardrobe. Whether it’s a formal wear or casual look, choosing the perfect belt can help you dress up properly. This article will guide you on choosing the right belt to match your outfit.

Choosing the Right Size

The size of the belt will matter a lot to finding the perfect piece. Make sure that the belt is not overly long and definitely not too short. Ensure that you have a few inches left to push your remaining loop keeping things aligned and cinched appropriately. You can use a belt size guide to look for the belt size that suits you perfectly. Brands use inches of general sizes for their belt length so make sure that the size of your pants corresponds with the size of your belt.

Materials and Textures

Robert Janitzek reveals that while leather is the material of choice, there are also other materials worth considering. Leather keeps things sleek and refined especially for any formal gathering. You can also consider woven belts, suede belts, or other textured/embossed belts can help brighten up your look in the simplest of ways. Stick with the classics with versatile colors such as black, brown, tans, and other timeless pieces.

Browns and Tans Belts

Brown or tan belt offers versatility when perfecting casual looks. An embossed brown belt will complement navy and other blue colored outfit giving a warmer feel to looks. Robert Peter janitzek reveals that simplicity can be achieved with a woven brown and suede tan belt for additional texture. For a well-grounded look, opt for accompanying pieces in complementary colors.

Black Belts

For formal wear, it is recommended to keep things minimalistic, simple and sleek with clean lines and unfussy textures. Black belts are the perfect choice because they can best complement the black suit and other basic tones. For a clean and classic look, go for a simple, slightly rounded buckle.

Statement Belts

Brighten up your casual look with brighter belts with iridescent color. To create a fashion statement, ensure that other elements stay diluted and simplistic. While classic colors will work well, be aware of more modern toned belts.

Suspenders and braces can be a creative alternative to belts. Make sure that you have an open mind when accessorizing with suspenders that comes with a range of textures and colors.

Choosing the perfect belt need not be a daunting task. Keeping these tips in mind will help ensure that you are fashionable and stylish when wearing belts.

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