All You Need To Know About European Male Fashion

European male fashion is known for being stylish and elegant. Over the years, it has rose to prominence both on the street and in the runway. European style fashion has been envisioned as a smart and no-fuss attire. Here are some things that you need to know about European fashion.

The Common Elements

European male fashion would commonly include a wool coat, a woolen scarf, and short trousers. European males are known for wearing clothes with purposeful design. It is dictated by clean silhouettes and attention to detail. For a European male, the material and embellishment is as crucial as the fit and structure. In Europe, the preferred attire is streamlined and sleek with a leaning towards showing off the figure.


Shirts come in various styles and made from different materials. European style fashion is generally slimly cut with darts in the back. The shape is often tailored to make designed for easy sophistication and the ability to wear well with just about anything from jeans to classic trousers.


While they may appear different from season to season, the classic European trouser is short in length and ends right at the ankle. This style makes the shoes visible while keeping the socks hidden. Just like shirts, trousers are streamlined to show the figure.


Thick woolen coats are common during the winter while in the spring, trench coats are the essentials. In European style fashion, sports coats in neutral colors are common for any occasion.


Any well-planned ensemble can be complemented by matching accessories. While scarves are typical in European male clothing, it does not dictate the rest of their outfit. When tied with a European knot, it makes the look elegant when combined with a smart coat.

Stylish Fashion

If there is anything that can make European male fashion stand out, it has to be its simplicity. The construction of the clothing gives it an effortless polish due to the materials used and the preference for classic colors.

European men will add more uniqueness to European style fashion by adding their personal touch to it. For this reason, even a simple getup becomes stylish and elegant. Designers such as Giorgio Armani create a shake up from time to time which turns the style into a trend.

Armed with these information, it will now be easier for you to mingle and become European-like with your outfit.

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