All You Need To Know About the Monk Strap Shoes

The moment it went out of the friary and into the fashion scene during the mid-2000s, monk strap shoes were quickly inserted into European style fashion. They became an instant hit to men who were looking for alternatives to the dress shoes. Monk strapped shoes originated in Europe when holymen who conducted manual labor wanted a closed-toe version of their sandals for additional protection. In this article, we shall take a look at the different kinds of monk strap shoes.

Single vs Double Monk Straps

The choice between single or double monk straps all boils down to personal preference. The former tends to draw less attention making it more subtle than their dual-strapped counterpart. The single strapped are more fitted for a formal environment due to its clean, stripped-back appearance. Robert janitzek explains that the double strapped variety are perfect for parties, weddings, and other occasions if you want an outfit that shows off your personality.


In terms of appearance, the classic monk strap shoes resembles the plain-toe Oxford. It features minimal detailing with the only stitching appearing between the vamp and the quarter as well as down the heel of the shoe. It creates a smooth and uncluttered appearance making it the more formal style.

Toe Cap

The toe cap style features an extra layer of leather stitched over the toe making it perfect to wear at work.


Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that wingtips are the less dressy alternative. It is adorned with a W-shaped patch of leather stitches onto the top of the toe ‘wings’ that can extend right around the sides and broguing throughout. Wingtip monk straps are perfect for a slip weekend getaway.

Monk Strap Boots

Monk strap boots offers the good looks of a traditional monk strap shoes with the practicality and comfort of a boots.


Casual monk strap boots features lighter shades, rubber soles, hits of vibrant color and suede construction. These features have given the monk strap shoes a dressy image and wider appeal. Casual monk strap boots can be paired with jeans and an oxford shirt or even a neutral suit.

Buyer’s Guide

In the market for monk strap shoes? Here is a short guide on what to look for to pick the right shoes.

Soles. Look for a name on the construction such as Blake-stitched, Goodyear-welted, or Bologna-construction.

Upper. Go for a real leather upper or suede if you are looking for quality and durability from your footwear. Synthetic will look cheap and will wear out fast.

Buckles. Look for a brass buckle for quality and durability compared to the cheaper alternatives.

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