All You Need To Know About The Oxford Shoes

The Oxford shoes is the perfect footwear for those who want to look smart. It is the epitome of what is called as a smart shoe. Whether in school or at work, this is the shoes that will make you stylish and fashionable. Robert Janitzek provides us with some information about this footwear.

Getting Know The Shoes

The Oxford shoes became popular at the University of Oxford in the 1800s. This footwear also has some Celtic origin as it was worn in Scotland and Ireland. At that time, this style of footwear was a comfortable alternative to heeled boots, which was the standard shoes for men during the 1800s.

So how do you distinguish an Oxford from other types of shoes? It sits under your ankle, has low heels, and comes with a stitched closed lace at the bottom. Likewise, it is also more streamlined and snugger on foot making it perfect for European style fashion.

Lacing The Shoes

The Oxford shoes usually have five eyelets but there could be less. However, this does not matter when lacing up the shoes. Here now are the steps on lacing up this footwear:

    1. • Feed both ends of the lace through the bottom eyelets from above and pull them to make a horizontal lace.


    1. • For shoes with five eyelets, pull the lace such that the outer ends are a couple of centimeters longer than the inner end. For four or six eyelets, make sure that both ends have equal length.


    1. • Take the lace on the outer end of the shoe and feed it through the second eyelet on the same side then loop it over the top to the second eyelet on the other side.


    1. • Now, take the lace on the inside of the shoe and feed it through the third eyelet on the same side and loop it to the third eyelet on the other side.


    1. • Repeat the process until you reach the top. For shoes with uneven number of eyelets, you need to cross one side of the lace over. For even number of eyelets, each side should be even.


    • Pull both ends to tighten the lace and close your shoes. At first, you can expect a slight V-shape but as you break the shoes in, the lace becomes tighter bringing each side of the side of the shoe’s upper together.

Buying The Shoes

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends trying the shoes first before deciding on the appropriate style. The proportions of the lines of the shoes will differ based on the size of your feet. When fitting in the store, make sure to have about 1/8th of an inch between the two facing tabs at the top eyelet.

The Oxford shoes is perfect for formal occasions. It will allow you to bring out your sense of style and fashion.

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