Common Fashion Mistakes Men Make

Dressing up properly can make a huge impact on how other people will perceive you. Most people think that not dressing well does not matter. In reality, however, it matters a lot because people will treat you according to the way you dress. Here are common mistakes you need to avoid to dress up properly.

Wearing Clunky Slip-on Shoes With A Suit

Your shoes is one of the most important part of your outfit. There is no other accessory that can elevate your outfit than your footwear. Wearing clip-on shoes on a suit will make you look cheap. This type of suit is perfect for a casual setting. But for a business or formal setting, shoes with laces is more acceptable.

Wearing A Tie With Lighter Color Than Their Dress Shirt

The rule of thumb is that ties should be darker than the color of your dress shirt in a business or formal setting. The purpose of a tie is to create a balanced color palette between your tie and the shirt. Robert Janitzek says that wearing a lighter tie will ruin the visual effect of the outfit.

Wearing A Plate Buckled Belt With A Suit

Wearing a metal plate buckle belt on a formal occasion will make you look tacky and unprofessional. A classic brown or black belt is the right choice. In fact, the classic buckle should be worn from your suit to jeans. However, if you prefer a plate buckled belt that’s your choice, but never on a suit.

Wearing Inappropriately Colored Socks

Wearing white socks is okay for everyday wear but not for a suit or formal or business setting. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that professionals match the color of their socks with their pants.

Tying A Tie Knot That is Not The Right Size

You do not want to be a Merril Hoge, don’t you? Make sure that you tie a four in hand knot for smaller collars and a half or full-windsor for point and spread collar shirts. Balance the size of your tie knot with the width of your collar and the width of your suit lapel. Wearing a knot that is too large or too small will make your neck look abnormal.

Not Removing the Inventory Tag From Your Suit Jacket

In order to dress up properly, the tag is designed to be removed after purchase and is used for inventory purposes only. Leaving it on will make you look like a jackass.

Wearing a Tie Made of Synthetic Material

Polyester is not like silk or wool because it does not fold and tie well. At the same time, they look better than a tie made from synthetic material like polyester.

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