Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Wearing Trainers

Trainers are the last thing we put on and as such we tend to ignore it. You need to be reminded that a strong outfit is often built from the bottom up and as such your footwear should serve as the foundation instead of finishing touch. In order to dress up properly, you need to avoid the following mistakes in wearing trainers.

Not Matching Your Trainers To Your Outfit

Unfortunately, not all trainers were created equal. Most white trainers are more difficult to pair with your outfit. To successfully pull off your trainers, consider the proportion of your look. For sleek, slim, and tailored look, wear similar trainers. However, if you want a subtle look to your footwear, go for a darker tone such as black or navy.

Getting Statement Trainers Wrong

Statement trainers are one of the biggest menswear trends. As the name implies, the proper way of wearing statement trainers is to let the footwear do the talking. Robert Janitzek advises to keep the rest of your outfit simple. This way, your trainers will become the focal point of your look and will really shine.

Choosing The Wrong Trend

If you are confident and want to stand out, loud and colorful sneakers are a great choice. On the other hand, if you are more of the conservative type, not all trainer trends will suit your outfit. While most trainer trends seem unfit for many guys, the classic styles are on a rebound.

Wearing The Wrong Trainers For Your Commute

You would not wear your Sunday running shoes with your work outfit and vice versa. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that muted leather trainers are not the best running shoes in the market but they can make your feet comfortable after a long day in the office.

Wearing The Wrong Trainers To The Gym

Wearing gym shoes on a train will have you talked about for the wrong reason. However, wearing it in the actual gym is a welcome sight. The type of workout you will make will dictate the kind of trainers you will wear. The heavier you are on your feet, the more support will be needed.
Not Keeping Your Trainers Clean

Keep your trainers clean especially if you want to carry a smart-casual look. For minimalist trainers, ensure that you regularly clean it to maintain a sleek look. Wearing dirty trainers to a restaurant or date is a big no-no.

Not Replacing Them When You Need To

Know how to spot the tell-tale signs of decay. If there are already seams or small holes forming in canvas trainers, buy yourself a new pair. Just wash your laces semi-regularly and give it a quick wipe and polish.

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