Do’s And Don’ts Of Fashion When In Europe

Going on a vacation in Europe entails a lot of research. Aside from the accommodation, it is also important to have knowledge of proper European style fashion. It is worth noting that Europeans are more concerned with their appearance. In addition, compared to different parts of the world, clothes in Europe are much more expensive. Before you go and plan your next vacation in Italy or Switzerland, here are some things you need to know about European style of clothing.

What Not To Wear

Wearing shorts, t-shirts, and sweat pants is a no-no in most European cities. Not only will it make you touristy but will also lead to you being denied entry in concert halls, churches, museums, or fine restaurants. Besides sweatpants are too bulky to travel with.

Wearing sneakers and flip flops is not European style fashion so avoid wearing them. While such style may be popular in other countries, walking down the streets of Europe in these attires will also make you look touristy. Flip flops are best worn on the beach or in hostel showers.

In Europe, clothes embellished with flags, patriotic slogans, or flashy logos are seen as ostentatious and considered as a lack of class. Wear clothes of subtle colors because wearing bright colored ones indicates that you are a tourist.

Wearing running or athletic shoes should be avoided except if you are doing something athletic. As much as possible, avoid white shoes if you want to try European style fashion. Most athletic shoe companies make casual sneakers that do not look like running shoes. Just the same, avoid wearing athletic shoes or pants, go for track suits instead. This way, you can avoid being mistaken for a troublemaker. Wear socks that match the color of your pants.

What To Wear

Europeans have the tendency to wear better fitting clothes. You do not often see them wearing “oversized” style of shirts. Scarves are also a common accessory especially when the temperature starts to drop. You will look out of place if you are not wearing one.

Learning what the do’s and don’ts of European style fashion can go a long way in ensuring that you will have an enjoyable stay when traveling to Europe. This way, you will be able to easily blend in and mingle with most of the people in the destinations where you are going.

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