Do’s and Don’ts Of Wardrobe For Skinny Men

Being skinny has its advantages and disadvantages. Most skinny men coil in fear of trying to wear something. For most of them, it becomes a dilemma when it comes to building a wardrobe. There is an assumption that slim guys can wear any wardrobe. While there are many options available, there are simple rules that they need to bear in mind in order to dress up properly.

What To Wear

Crew Necks

As much as possible, avoid V-necks particularly those with drastic scoop. Crew necks show the appearance of squared shoulders and can complement your narrow frame compared to scooped necks.

Slim Fitting Tailoring

Slim fitting tailoring will give you a clearer silhouette and an appearance of a more customized fitting. Slim fit tailoring is perfect if you are going to a formal event. Just make sure that your suit fits you properly. Just avoid any bagging in the trousers and make sure that the suit is not too big.

Fitting Clothes

Skinny men have the tendency to wear baggy pieces of clothing making them look smaller. As much as possible, Robert Janitzek advises that you should avoid baggy jeans, oversized tees, and chunky outerwear. You should aim for well fitted clothes.

Layer Up

Layering up does not mean chucking up on three T-shirts, two jumpers, and a coat to make yourself look bigger. The whole idea is to make your outfit blend together naturally. While it may be a strange way to stop you from looking skinny, it should be a key part of your overall style.

What To Avoid

After knowing what to wear if you are a skinny guy, let us now look at what you should avoid.

Big Accessories

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends avoiding large belt buckles, big chains, huge watch faces, and oversized scarves at all cost. Choose the more classic watches, simple necklaces, and the traditional belt with no large decorative features.

Super Skinny Jeans

While slim fit outfit is your goal don’t take it too far. Super skinny jeans will only emphasize your smaller frame. Stick to the regular or slim fit jeans or you can also try chinos. They are a great alternative to the regular jeans and will open you up to new style options.

Shoulder Pads

Wearing shoulder pads should be avoided at all cost by skinny men. While you may pull off wearing very subtle shoulder pads, the truth of the matter is there is nothing to be ashamed of with a small build. Accept your body shape and embrace it.

Vertical Stripes

Stick to horizontal lines as they will give you a more squared appearance instead of the more streamlined look that the vertical lines give. Avoid big or bold prints as they would overpower your whole outfit.

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