Essential Rules when Wearing a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets have been a staple of European style fashion. If you prefer a casual look, a denim jacket is usually the hands-down choice. When paired with a shirt, it will add a rugged element to your style. They are also perfect for transitioning between seasons which makes it perfect for layering. This article will guide you on how to wear a denim jacket.

Wearing A Denim Jacket

The good thing about denim jackets is that they will retain integrity for several years. While you may think that it came from America, it actually traces its origin in Renaissance Europe. Although it is not clear where some say that it came from Nimes, as the word denim is from the French word ‘de Nimes’ or ‘from Nimes.’


Robert Janitzek reveals that denim jackets did fall in and out of favor. What was the trend during the 90s was not well received at the start of the millennium. However, it is making a comeback. Pairing it with a cable knit jumper and a pair of tan ankle boots will give it a touch of urban to Western classic.

The Fit

Denim jackets come in a variety of cuts and styles. While most are loose around the body and slightly baggy in the arms to allow movement, denim jackets actually fit quite snugly to the shoulders. This makes layering during the cold months easier.

Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that the cut should sit just around the waist as too long will make it look like an untucked shirt and more feminine. With denim jackets, you will not get the stretch that you want overtime so it’s best to get the fit right away at purchase. If wearing buttoned up jacket will streamline your entire outfit, it is best to wear slim trousers and smart and slender shoes.

Baggier denim jackets are perfect for a more relaxed ensemble. It allows you to layer an outfit pretty well especially when paired with a simple pullover hoodie. Finish it off with a pair of trainers or Chelsea boots.

The Outfit

A good example of the perfect denim jacket fit is a simple white t-shirt with black jeans and dark blue jacket. Finish the look with some Vans or a pair of boots and you are ready to go for a date or night out. Fitted denim jackets are great for layering and excellent as a transitional piece.


Grey denim jackets are perfect for switching things up and can add a touch of lightness to your outfits. It offers versatility for styling combinations. If you opt for something casual than a light denim blue jacket, a raw denim jacket is the perfect choice.

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