Fashion Trends That Were Wrong But Became Right

In the fashion industry, there is the so-called 20 year rehashing rule which dictates that the statute of limitations for any fashion trend is at most two decades. But in every rule there is always an exception. When there is a decree on what one should wear and avoid to dress up properly, there will always be one who will be breaking the rule. Here are some fashion trends that should have been wrong but became right.


Designers have come to a once-unlikely consensus that the corduroy is cool. However, it is worth noting that the corduroy can age when worn sloppily so make sure that the cut and style should be modern. Jackets can be an excellent choice to pair with corduroy. Red or tan cord jacket can spice up black jeans or chinos and white slogan tee.

Boxy Tailoring

While boxy tailoring is a hot trend nowadays, Robert Janitzek reveals that this style is not for everyone. It is best for taller individuals as it can be rather unflattering. When worn incorrectly, it can make you look shapeless and clueless. Boxy tailoring is best worn casually with t-shirts and jeans. The aim of oversized tailoring is to achieve a laid-back and relaxed look.

Big “Ugly” Trainers

To pull off big “ugly” trainers, the idea is to let their “great personality” shine. Make it the star of the show by keeping the rest of your outfit fairly pared down. It is recommended to style freaky sneaks with cropped and tapered trousers. Robert Peter Janitzek explains that longer styles will gather which can look awkward and distracting.

Short-Sleeved Shirts

Short-sleeved shirts fall into the more casual ensemble. Go for a Cuban collar design in a lightweight fabric and square fit teamed with a crisp pair of chinos. Tuck it into a tailored pair of trousers paired with penny loafers. When it comes to short sleeved shirts, function is more important than fashion.

Seventies Knitwear & Prints

Seventies men’s outfit are on a revival these days. Floral prints and globally-inspired graphics are all over the knitwear collection. To pull this trend off, pair with an overstate graphic or brightly colored knits with simple pieces such as white tees and jeans or flat-front trousers.

Double Denim

Generally, it is advisable to wear darker leg wear but there are exceptions such as white jeans with blue jackets. Mix colors to avert uniformity like black or grey jeans with a blue jacket or shirt. It is also hard to go wrong with an all-black-denim.

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