Getting To Know The Different Kinds of Jogger Pants

Menswear is currently undergoing a revolution and jogger pants is leading the charge. As men continues to experiment with European style fashion, these pants are slowly but surely becoming part of a guy’s wardrobe. Long ago, many people thought that joggers is a fad that will go away. But they were proven wrong as joggers are here to stay.

The History Of Joggers

The origin of running as a form of exercise can trace its origin in Ancient Greece but expanded after the modern Olympic Games were re-introduced in 1896. It soon spread after the running boom of the 1970s. But after years of wearing ungainly attire, one Frenchman named Emile Camuset developed a solution.

Emile Camuset was not ordinary French dude. Robert Peter Janitzek narrates that he was the founder of the world-renowned sportswear label Le Coq Sportif. The name translates to “athletic rooster” in English. After some experimentation with fabrics and cuts, the jersey jogger was born. But while they were designed with joggers in mind, they now come in different styles and shapes.

Types Of Joggers

Smart Joggers

Jogger pants have undergone a major makeover. These pants, which used to be part of the athleisure trend, has experienced tailored transformation. With smart joggers, you no longer have to squeeze your lower portion into a pair of uncomfortable dress trousers for extended period of time. Robert Janitzek reveals that smart jogger pants features tailored, tapered legs, and fine-gauge cotton that won’t sag at the knees. With these types of pants, it is now possible to pair it with a shirt.

Sporty Joggers

Sporty joggers used to be baggy, billowy, and grey marl affair. However, they have also undergone transformation. Now, they have shaped up and slimmed down but still managed to maintain an ounce of comfort that they boasted before. These types of pants are characterized by flattering cuts and technical fabrics.

Everyday Joggers

This is the perfect outfit for just about everything ranging from a long-haul flight to having some lunchtime bite. When it comes to comfort, you can count on everyday joggers to deliver the comfort you are looking for throughout the day,

Lounge Joggers

For the man who wants to spend his weekend sprawled on the sofa while watching television and eating some peanuts, the lounge joggers fits the billing perfectly. Lounge joggers are loose cut, insanely comfortable, and both airy and cosy at the same time.

So if you are looking for a comfortable and versatile alternative to the denim pants, you will never go wrong with joggers.

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