How European Men Boost Their Fashion By Wearing A Scarf

For some nationalities, a scarf is nothing but a piece of rectangular fabric. However, for Europeans especially the men, a scarf has become a fashion symbol. This piece of accessory has become integrated into their style culture. The truth of the matter is that wearing a scarf does not lessen your masculinity. Robert Janitzek teaches us how the men of Europe become more stylish using their scarf.

One can easily distinguish a European man from other nationalities just by seeing the way they use their scarf. This style has become known as European knot, wherein the scarf is folded in two and sticks the two ends through the loop around the neck. While a British man will easily arouse suspicion from other men because they are wearing a scarf, this is not the case with European men. Without adieu, let us now proceed to how a scarf can add to European style fashion in men.

Big & Bold

This style of European knot puts emphasis on the use of color or a recognizable pattern. If not tied around his neck, the scarf will look as tall as the wearer. It will not only make you look great, it will also keep you warm around the beck for at least a few blocks.

Suited & Booted

This style of wearing scarf is known as the Parisian knot. Here the scarf is folded in half, placed over the back of the neck, and loose ends are pulled through the looped end. This type of European style fashion allows easy adjustment so it can be easily tucked into your jacket for additional warmth.

The Main Attraction

Robert Peter Janitzek explains that scarves can give even the most demure attire a strong element of style. You can make thi8s accessory the main attraction by keeping your other attire simple. Just make sure that the functionality or aesthetic value of the other outfit remains intact.

Small & Simple

While it will not keep you warm during the winter, this style gives your outfit an extra dose of swagger. Choose a scarf with a bold color or design or one that compliments your other accessories.

Like A Smiling Kanye

Perhaps the best way to rock with this European style fashion is to look like no one will give a damn as to what other people will say. Kanye did not even bother to tie the scarf around his neck. After all, he is no superstar for nothing.

So if you want to adapt the style and fashion sense of European men, consider adding a scarf to your wardrobe collection. Blend in easily with the locals and everyone will think that you are truly a European man.

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