How To Choose A Watch for Your Suit

Choosing a watch for your suit can be a daunting task. When it comes to this aspect, there are many people who get lost. There are many factors that can affect your choice. Robert Peter Janitzek guides you on effectively choosing a watch that will complement your suit.

Sports or Dress?

When worn with a suit, the purpose of a watch is to tell time only. Hence, you do not need one that is glow in the dark, water resistant, compass, or other features that is commonly found in sports watches. When paired with formal attire, a dress watch is the only option.

Does size matter?

Again when worn with a suit, watches are only there to tell time. While it may be tempting to buy an oversized gold-plated watch to make you look classy, Robert Janitzek recommends that your watch should be small enough to easily slip under your cuff and hidden from sight.

The Strap

One of the most important aspects of a dress watch is the method of attachment to your wrist. While the metal bracelets can make you look manly, they are difficult to hide so your watch is seen all the time. For your suit, a thin leather strap is the perfect choice as it can easily snug into your wrist and can be hidden under your cuff.

Analog or digital?

The choice between an analog or digital watch is a matter of personal taste. However, if you like to dress up properly, the former with a set of Roman numerals would be classier than the latter. When wearing a suit, you should aim for a refined look and an analog watch fits the bill perfectly.

Round or square face?

Although this also boils down to your personal choice, most people prefer a round faced watch. There are really no rules that govern whether a round or square face watch is the better fit, most people really just like round faced watches.

Gold or silver?

The choice between gold and silver will depend on the color of the suit you will wear. To dress up properly, silver dress watch should be matched with a black, grey, or blue suit. On the other hand, a gold watch goes well with brown, white, or cream colored suit.

So if you are concerned with buying a watch that will complement your suit, let this be your guide in deciding which watch to buy.

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