How To Choose The Right Color For Your Suit

Choosing the right color for your suit is important. However, given the variety of colors to choose from, selecting the right color becomes a daunting task. Since men require more than one suit, this becomes a dilemma for most men. Read on and be guided on how to choose the right color for your suit in order to dress up properly.
Some suit colors are more useful and versatile than other colored-suit. So when buying a suit, look for the most useful and versatile colored one. It would be great to wear the other colors during special occasions but they are not necessary.

Navy Blue Suit

Navy blue colored suits are the most versatile colors. They are perfect for men who want to blend in and be recognized for their effort and not what he wears. Another advantage of a navy suit is that it allows adding some fashion forward details in case the wearer wants to customize their outfit.

Charcoal Grey Suit

Robert Janitzek reveals that equally versatile as navy blue suits is charcoal grey. These types of suits are more ideal for younger men as it can make them look matured. Charcoal grey suits are easier to match as they can complement any range of colors making it easier for men to mix and match shirts and ties with the suit. A charcoal grey suit is also perfect as a formal wear.

Cambridge/Medium Grey

Cambridge/medium grey suits are lighter than charcoal. They are as versatile as charcoal grey suits but not as formal.

Light Grey Men’s Suit

A light grey suit is the lightest of all grey suits. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that they are perfect as a spring, summer, or fall outfit. This color of suit is more casual and it pays to invest on this color if you already have the “must-have” color suits in your collection. With a light grey suit, it becomes easy to introduce different patterns such as checks or herringbone as it can make the pattern visible.

Black Suit

Black suits are not as versatile as the ones mentioned above. The reason for this is that they will not work well for any skin type. It is perfect for a man with darker complexion and hair but not flattering for one with light complexion and light hair. However, it is useful for most formal occasions such as a black tie event.

Dark Brown Suits

Dark brown suits can complement men with dark hair and darker complexion and can add a little bit of color. However, take extra caution when wearing them as they are clearly not a formal suit.

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