How To Mix And Match Patterns In Your Outfit

Patterns can add some variety into your outfit. It adds dimension, texture, and visual interest to whatever you will are wearing. However, some people just cannot pull off the patterned style outfit. Some people are just not exactly sure how to wear patterns into their wardrobe. In order to dress up properly, here are some tips on wearing patterns in your outfits.

Start with your shirt

Use your shirt as base of the outfit. The shirt you will be wearing will determine how you will mix it with other patterns. For solid colored shirt, find a tie with the same color. If you are wearing a light blue shirt, wear a striped tie. Just make sure that smallest stripe matches the color of your shirt.
If you are wearing patterned shirt, wear a bold patterned tie. This will contrast nicely with the subdued pattern of your shirt. Suits, blazers, trousers, chinos, or denims subdued in a neutral or dark tone as well. For large patterns, Robert Janitzek recommends doing the opposite to keep the balance. Choose a small, subtle pattern for your tie, suit, and everything else in your wardrobe.

Start Small, Work Your Way Up

When it comes to pattern, the rule of thumb is to start with the smaller patterns closest to your body and work your way up from there. It will be much easier to mix multiple patterns if you start from a small base. From there, you can layer with more interesting and bold patterns and colors. Small patterns closest to your body and largest and boldest patterns furthest away from yoru body.

Take The Minor Color and Match It With the Most Prominent Color of Your Shirt

Robert Peter Janitzek suggests not matching the colors exactly but make sure that they complement each other.

Take The Most Prominent Color and Match It with The Boldest Color of Your Outfit

Let us say that you are wearing a paisley pattern colored tie. The base of the tie can match well with a blue shirt and warm tones of a sport coat. Mixing and matching can take a while but eventually you will develop an eye for what works. Just keep on practicing and you will get the hang of it.

When it comes to wearing shirt and tie, it does not have to exactly match. The important thing is that your colors should play out nicely. This is especially true if you are mixing and matching patterns with multiple colors within it.

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