How To Pull Off Casual Tailoring

For most men, looking smart has become a challenge. Slowly but surely the practice of wearing full suit every day is disappearing. When it comes to formal wear, society is slowly relaxing itself. Everyone wants to be comfortable in what they are wearing. But then again you just cannot chuck on any old thing. Thanks to custom tailoring you can still look smart and comfortable even if you are not wearing business suit. Read on and be guided on how you can pull off casual tailoring and dress up properly.

Mix and Match Pieces

The key to looking smart with casual tailoring is mixing up the pieces you already own. Depending on the occasion, you can go for the smarter look by sticking to a few of the basics. Smart trousers and shoes will always take your smartness to the next level. Instead of shirt and blazer, wear t-shirt and jacket. This way you mix the smart aspect with a little more of a relaxed vibe in your outfit.

Another way of creating a casual tailoring look is by switching to trainers instead of formal shoes. Just don’t take it too far and forget about the bottom half of your outfit. Robert Janitzek recommends choosing your trainers wisely ensuring that you do not go too formal on the top half as well. A polo shirt will create a smart look with the sporty edge.

Go for Separates

For separates, you should mix up the colors and fabrics within the outfit. A navy blazer with a pair of grey trousers will complement each other without being the same. Colors should be contrasting yet tonal and should always stay within the spectrum of the basics. The same is true for texture. There is a wide range of tactile materials that can create a casual look to your tailoring.

Robert Peter Janitzek recommends that separates offer versatility as they can be worn in different varieties. Aside from colors and fabric, patterns can also help add to your casual tailoring when done right. Stick to pinstripes and checks to be on the safe side. Choose a patterned piece and stick to it. Blazers are the better option but a subtle grey checked trousers is always highly recommended.


When it comes to the tailored look, the structure of the outfit and tailoring is important. Make sure that your overall outfit still represents a ‘suit look.’ All combinations should add up and still create a smart look even if you mix up the colors and the cloth. Try to go for blazers with less canvas and padding. This will make your garments fit closer to the body.

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