How To Pull Off Streetwear Fashion

When it comes to streetwear, different people have their own way of interpreting this fashion style. Streetwear fashion goes beyond a pair of Air Jordans, varsity jackets, or jersey joggers. One common misconception about streetwear style is that it is easy to pull off. This article will guide you on how to get you started with streetwear style dressing so you can dress up properly.

Start with Jeans

The most basic piece in streetwear is dark blue jeans. Although selvedge is not important, the tell-tale strip running up the leg has become common in streetwear style. It is also a mark of superior quality and durability. As for the wash, raw denim is the perfect choice.

Army Outerwear

Army outerwear offers versatility as a streetwear. It’s the cut and fit of the garment that make it as a versatile piece. Donning military jacket is the cherry on the ensemble. There is a plethora of military jackets to choose from such as the MA-1 flight jacket, the M-51, the iconic M-65, and others.


Robert Janitzek reveals that the sweatpants has become practically a status symbol in the fashion world. Originally designed as a gym leisure wear, it has become accepted beyond the sportswear purpose. Sweatpants can help broaden your horizon for people who are looking for premium outfit.

Printed Tees

The current streetwear heavyweights rose to prominence because of their printed tees. If you want to consider this style of garment, it is best to stick to the certified classics. You can also check out the punk and graffiti outfits.

Hooded Jackets

The hoodie is considered as the essence of streetwear. If you want to go back to the roots, Robert Peter Janitzek suggests going for the original fit—short body, big hood, and tight cuffs. Otherwise, you might go for the branded hoodies. For exclusivity, check out Japanese-made sweats with big bold graphics but beautiful quality.

Add Some Kicks

Everyone is familiar with the classic kicks such as the Air Max 1, Jordans, Sk8-Hi, and others. For street wear, start with a pair of the everyday court trainers followed by a decent running shoes, and then round it out with something bold and brash. Your sneaker collection will eventually grow but those three are already a solid foundation to start with.

It might take a while for you to immerse yourself in streetwear style fashion. Once you get the hang of it, becoming street smart will come easy.

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