How to Wear a Cravat And Stand Out From the Crowd

A cravat is a good way of keeping the neck warm while at the same time maintaining a semi-formal look. This accessory comes in different colors and styles and can be purchased in traditional shops as well as online venues. A cravat is a type of scarf or length of cloth worn around the neck similar to ties and ascots. Similar to a tie, cravats are tied with a slip knot. The only difference is that the ends of a cravat is hung vertically and overlap each other. In order to dress up properly, you need to understand how to wear a cravat.

Why Wear a Cravat?

It is worth noting that cravats are no longer just wedding outfits. If for wedding, the most popular material is silk because of its smooth and glossy finish. For men who are not fond of buttoned up shirts, cravats can give them a semi-formal look without having to wear ties. This accessory can be worn as a casual outfit. Simply tie the knot fabric around your neck, wear it under a collared shirt paired with a waistcoat.

When it comes to wearing the cravat, be choosy with the occasion where you will wear it. Robert Peter Janitzek recommends wearing it appropriately and within the limits of acceptable standards.

Tips When Wearing The Cravat

Cravats are excellent outfits that can help you make a statement and stand out from the crowd. Keep these tips in mind when wearing cravats:

    • Wear them with conviction. Day cravats are not as widespread as a necktie. If it will be your first time to wear a cravat, you will need a certain amount of confidence. Make sure that you are comfortable when wearing them. You can be subtle or as bold as you like. Look for the cravat that suits you and wear them with bravado.
    Robert Janitzek explains that with cravats, you can wear them as little or as much as you like depending on your outfit or the occasion where you will be wearing it.
    • Wear the cravat the traditional way by tucking it inside your shirt. Another option is to wear the cravat outside your shirt tucked inside a waistcoat or slim fit jacket.
    • For a more casual look, simply wear the cravat like a scarf on the outside of a t-shirt or shirt. The looser and lowered it is, the more casual it looks. If you tie and position the cravat higher on your neck, it will give you a formal look and stand out more.

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