How to Wear Cufflinks Like a Gentleman

Nothing can add a polished and charmed look to an outfit than a good pair of cufflinks. More than just keeping your cuffs neat, cufflinks can make your formal wear and business attire sophisticated and stylish. This accessory also provides an opportunity to showcase your personality. However, many people still find putting them on a daunting task. This article will guide you on how to wear cufflinks and dress up properly.

Wearing Cufflinks on Black Tie Events

During black tie events, cufflinks will be an essential part of your outfit. Go for the more formal styles of cufflinks such as silver or gold design that appears subtle and sophisticated. An elegant and minimalist style will give your outfit additional polish. Just make sure that they are not too simple or else it will make your outfit look dull.

Cufflinks on White Tie Events

White tie events are more formal than black tie attires. They are designed for highly special events such as galas and weddings. To pull off cufflinks on white tie, choose a highly formal and elegant pair. Robert Janitzek recommends a sleek mother-of-pearl pair for a luxurious look.

Cufflinks with a White Shirt

Cufflinks may be required if you are working in a formal business setting. However, it does not mean that you have to wear the same pair every day. Cufflinks can help liven up your office outfit without breaking away from the dress code. Cufflinks make an excellent option for enhancing the appearance of a plain white shirt. A white shirt appears neutral and understated and cufflinks can add some excitement to your white shirt.

Cufflinks with a Blue Shirt

When wearing cufflinks with a blue shirt, you should do so carefully. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that colored cufflinks will clash or appear overly bold on a blue shirt. Go for the more conservative style of cufflinks. Stay on the safe side with a pair of silver cufflinks. This will allow you to play around with different shapes and designs without looking inappropriately dressed. If you really prefer a colored cufflink, choose a pair with a shade of blue that will contrast your shirt. For light blue shirts, add dark blue cufflinks and vice versa.

Cufflinks with a Pink Shirt

Finding the perfect pair of cufflinks for a pink shirt can be difficult but not impossible. There are a few options you can consider. In order to dress up properly, your first option is to look for a pink-toned pair that will complement your shirt with a slight contrast. You can also look for a silver style cufflink that will make your shirt stand out.

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