How To Wear Men’s Jogger Pants

One of the most cool and popular streetwear is the jogger pant. First popularized in the late 90s by superstar rapper LL Cool J, it became a fashion trend again in 2014 when popular streetwear brand Publish reintroduced it to a new generation of kids. Now, it has become a staple in men’s wardrobe. Jogger pants have tapered leg openings and are crafted from cotton, polyblends, or a combination of the two.

Jogger pants can be easily integrated into your daily wardrobe. However, in order to dress up properly, there are certain rules you need to follow. So read on and be guided on how to wear the men’s jogger pants.

Jogger Pants in The Workplace

Jogger pants can be acceptable to your place of work as long as your sophistication level is at its highest. If you are born stylish, you do not have to wait until wash day to show off your jogger pants. Make sure that your joggers are cut slimmer than the average pair. You can add a touch of casual look on your outfit but you don’t want to look too comfortable.

As for the color, Robert Janitzek recommends joggers with dark shades. Although they are often sold in light gray, choose black or navy. Aside from being professional, they can give you versatility in creating your look. Avoid the sneakers and go for leather loafers or simple oxfords.

Wearing Joggers on a Date

A date is the perfect opportunity to make an impression on the girl you are wooing. It is important to give your best effort and one of the ways you can do that is through your wardrobe. When wearing joggers on a date, treat it as smart casual attire. You need to be refined but still comfortable. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that your manner of dressing will have an impact on your chances of getting another date with her.

Wearing Joggers To School

Even if you are just wearing the joggers to school, you should still exude a professional look. Just because there is no dress code in your school does not mean you will look sloppy. You still need to impress.

Wearing Joggers As A Casual Attire

Being casual with jogger pants means being creative with your style. Even if there are no rules for colors or pairings, you still aim to impress and look good. You do not know who you could bump into along the way.

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