How To Know Which Hair Style Is Fit for You According To Your Hair Type

There are many factors you need to consider whether a certain hairstyle is right for you. Aside from the face shape, your manner of styling is another. Your hair type will determine what you can do with your hair and how obedient it is when styling. Some men have hair that could match that of Samson while others would have to keep their follicles looking semi presentable and semi-present. Here are the different hair types that can enhance your European male fashion.

Thick Hair

Thick hair is the hair type most people envy as it often shows no sign of male pattern baldness. However, having a thick hair entails a lot of responsibility maintaining. It comes in different forms such as wavy and soft, thick and wiry, or curly and coarse. However, they are characterized by fullness.

For thick hair types, short and sharp cuts works really well. Long hairstyles are also recommended for thick hair. The weight of the latter will help keep the hair in place. Hidden internal layers can add shape to longer lengths and gentle texturizing will help soften the ends.

Asian Hair

Robert Janitzek says that Asian hair is usually shiny and most often thick. However, they present a challenge for retaining styles put in place by heated tools. As it matures, it can get thinner and quickly prone to breakage.

Vertical feats of hairstyling can be daunting to master. It will be easier to work with gravity not against it. Sharp geometric shapes are best for this type of hair as they will work well with little to no-styling. Short crops are also suitable for the Asian hair.

Fine Hair

Fine hair is one of the most difficult types to get the most of because it gives the feeling that there is nothing to work with. Robert Peter Janitzek says that it lacks volume and density and is often limp and you can see the scalp. Men with fine hair should keep it long to add more weight. Longish hair is considered ear to shoulder length.

Wavy Hair

Men with wavy hair find themselves torn between curly or straight. This can leave them utterly confused as to what to do with their hair. Because it has an irregular growing pattern, cutting and styling may require a little more attention to stay in shape. Experts recommend going short on the back and sides and longer on top to give the hair some movement and shape.

Afro Hair

Afro hair is a hair style that differs massively from one person to another. It has some similarities with textured hair which has curls that can be tight coils or looser waves with varying thickness. Generally, textured hair is not usually cylindrical. It can be prone to dryness requiring products that provide intense moisture. However, because of its texture, getting afro hair to stay put can be easy. Blow drying is relatively easy once you have gotten the right cut.

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