How To Match Your Sneakers With Your Outfit

It used to be that trainers were only appropriate for gym buffs, shoplifters, and rappers that have enough swag to pull off full streetwear looks all day every day. Now, the sneakers market is booming. With dress codes now being relaxed, you can now wear your kicks in almost any occasion. But hold your horses. While they can be worn with any outfit, there are still rules you need to follow in order to dress up properly.

Bold Trainers

Who would ever thought that men would be able to pair sports shoes with suits? Luxury minimalist sneakers has enabled men to do such that. Bold trainers are on the rise. Oversized soles, clashing colors, huge logos, and garish designs are the current trend. The trick to pulling this style off is to play down the rest of your outfit. Keep it plain and avoid big logos and prints.

Retro Trainers

Retro trainers can bring a touch of nostalgia on your outfit. Today’s breed of men is reinventing the retro trainers. In order to give this classic footwear a contemporary spin, Robert Janitzek recommends pairing it with cropped trousers with an overcoat and a simple t-shirt. An alternative style will be to pair them with luxurious wool trousers.


On their own, trainers are already the perfect footwear to achieve happy feet. But for those who are looking for an alternative to the lace up boots, slip-ons are emerging as the perfect choice. Slip-ons can be paired with navy linen separates or seersucker suit. Think tailored lines and muted colors.

Terrace Trainers

Terrace trainers is the epitome of the true sports footwear. It provides a dash of vintage to an outfit. Robert Peter Janitzek reveals that they are the true classic kicks. The key to styling with terrace trainers is to get smart. This means pairing it with other classic pieces like wool trousers or contemporary staples like cropped trousers and chambray shirts.

Minimal Trainers

10 years back, the closest thing to a minimal trainer that you will get is a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors. For this footwear, the key is to keep the surrounding pieces simple and lines of your outfit sleek. Think tailored separates, pared-back normcore or something more formal. Pair it with a sharp suit for the great office wear.

Lifestyle Runners

With lifestyle runners, tailored overcoats or distressed denim is recommended to counter the gym vibe. For an athletic look, pair the shoes with a hoodie or slimline joggers like a sweatband.

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